Why to travel with Pink Vibgyor

Traveling has always been a part and parcel in the world – of lives. Traveling can sometimes transform you spiritually, mentally and even personally. For a short period of time or a longer one. Such is the power of traveling. The visions you see: a stretch of yellow mustard flowers from a distance, massive hills with details in front of you - the sound of river flowing visiting your ears, or feeling the chilly weather around a misty atmosphere; these are the joys you have while traveling.

Dedicated team
 Pink Vibgyor is a team, a help and assistance to travelling. Pink Vibgyor is a service dedicated exclusively to gay and lesbian travelers. Our team has awesome gay (or friendly) members who work hard to keep up to our fabulous guests.


Value for money

Our math is different than the general  "Pink money" = $ X 5.
In other words, we provide gay tours at straight price. Unlike others, we won't add unnecessary services to rip you off! We truly believe in value for money.


We can bend..... your itinerary

 Okay so this is one important reason why you should travel with us, we offer maximum flexibility in the itinerary. We realize that our clients are super moody and might want to take control over the tour and decide where he wants to go and we totally respect that and are thus adjustable.



Insight experience
Gay scene in India is too closeted in most of the cities and good parties and spas are hard to find but we know where to take you, be it a Thursday, Saturday or a Tuesday night. We also introduce you to the local guys of the cities you travel to for some more fun facts and places.


The right ingredient

A normal tour is made a gay tour by adding just the right components of gay friendly operators, hotels, restaurants (ofcourse with the best ratings!) , friendly guides , drivers etc. but overdoing it can make it cheesy. More than the right amount of gayness makes it too gay, which we don't... animate.



We can do it!
Our promises are not empty, give us a chance and we'll prove we will fulfill all your demands that  will make your tour to India a sweet memory!
PINK Vibgyor has a background of professionals with years of experience in travel industry and thus making a perfect tour isn't very difficult for us.



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