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Gay Tours India - Gay friendly destinations to travel after Covid19

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Planning to travel India, after this pandemic (Covid 19) and wondering where to travel, why choose us? & what will be the new normal whilst travelling!!

So here are some of the answers to your doubts:-

First let's start with a glimpse of what India is all about!

Now lets talk about gay-friendly destinations in India:-

1) Rajasthan (North India): The rural & rustic yet imperial & royal Northern state of India. Also known as land of Maharaja's because of it's gigantic forts and palaces which still talks about their glorious past and their firmness withstanding time. Rajasthan is quite popular among gay travellers because of relatively well-developed tourism infrastructure is matched by the gradual appearance of eco-friendly options. More than that, were the options which make an effort to connect visitors to Rajasthani culture beyond a superficial level and let them connect to the culture at grass root level. Thereby creating more opportunities for responsible travel in Rajasthan. Thinking of Hotels, don't worry options are infinite ranging from $25 per night to $2500 (Yes you heard me right) per night, so you can understand its has a mix of hotels to offer and suit everyone. Travellers looking for Indian culture, history, gastronomy, luxury, wildlife adventures (Tiger reserves & Bird sanctuaries) or big fat Indian weddings then you are the right place.

Sample itineraries we can suggest are: Links provided below-

So here are some pictures of this princely state.

Agra (North India) - Land of Taj Mahal

Agra is known for Taj Mahal, the brilliant Moghul masterpiece. I am sure you know its one of the 7 wonders of the world. You probably need a day or may be overnight trip to cover Agra and its monuments, the best part is it is roughly 220 Kms from Delhi and can be squeezed in your Rajasthan itinerary and many travel agencies do it, because if you are in India then Taj Mahal is must visit.

South Of India:

South comprises of 3 big states ( Tamil Nadu + Karnataka + Kerala) and each one is known for its tourist sights. If you are looking for Temples + Gastronomy (Veg. & Sea food) + history, culture, backwaters (Kerala) adventures, Silk Shopping + Spice or tea plantation tours + Ayurveda & Spa, beaches and nature then it is a perfect place for first timers or even repeated travellers to explore as the places to cover are many and 2 weeks touring is suggested if you want to cover any 2 of 3 states, or make it 20 days tour to cover complete south India in relaxing and comfortable manner.

Sample itineraries we can suggest are: Links provided below-

Here are some tourism videos for each state, so that you know what to expect and to help you making your next travel plan for south of India.

Now there are few add ons or excursions one can make if time does not permits to travel for 2 weeks or more, or if you have time and you are in India and thinking what more to cover there here is the list:

1) Varanasi & Khajuraho

2) Rishikesh

3) Mumbai & Aurangabad

4) Goa

5) Leh-Ladakh (Season based travel permitted)

6) Kashmir/Srinagar

7) Kolkata (West Bengal)

8) If you are an adventure and trekking enthusiast then here are some options for Mild Treks and destinations in Indian Himalayas: Chandigarh + Shimla + Manali + Kasol + Dharamshala.

You can either cover the above destinations by surface or you have options to take direct domestic flights to most of the above destinations. Please keep in mind Himalayan destinations like Manali, Dharamshala, Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh can cancel flights at last minute due to weather conditions.

Why choose Pink Vibgyor???

PINK VIBGYOR  specializes in the middle of the road touring. Our clientele is mainly middle class and wants value for money and interesting and comfortable experience. Our aim is not just to book hotels or tours, but in showcasing engaging and unique experiences across the countries we cover. We realized that our lands have many hidden corners, many one-of-a-kind moments, many mysteries, and many tales. Thus, we constantly work on creating new itineraries which are very much preferred by our group travelers and we can even design your custom made itinerary.

What makes us different?

1) We understand LGBTQ world and their travel requirements, therefore we have this constant habit of researching new friendly destinations, accommodations, gay scenes, venues, parties and those who qualify makes the appearance on our website.

2) Travel Education and Affiliations: We are not just ordinary people sitting behind laptops and just marketing gay tourism, infact we are skilled team of guys & girls putting every inch of our experience and travel knowledge to make sure our guides, drivers, hotels we use are gay friendly, they are aware of your requirements and make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable. We are affiliated with IGLTA which by far is the biggest LGBTQ organisation in the world.

3) Going the extra mile: We believe in personal touch, no matter what time of the day it is, your travel agent will be their to personally welcome, meet, greet and brief you. Not like random airport representative welcoming you as their next assignment.

We work with the community and we work for the community, thus we try to help LGBTQ community back home to get employment in this service sector.

Last but not the least, we make sure you get to meet like minded and similar travellers along the way, because as they say " Joy is in the journey not the destination".

The New Normal

Major tourist oriented countries like India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia are/will be opening their borders for tourism by the end of 2020.

Requirements in place will be Covid19 certificate stating that you are Covid free (not older than 2 weeks). Social distancing at the tourist places, proper sanitisation of cars, hotels, rooms, Public-touch places at the monuments will take place. Minimal touch practice will be practiced at most of the places for example: Namaste instead of Hand Shake or Hug.

Reg. Visa, as it's government based decision and shall change at any time, therefore i can only provide the links here and one can follow it for latest updates.


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