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Gay travel FAQ's & Safety tips for LGBT travelers wanting to visit Myanmar/Burma

Let's browse through fascinating pics of gay-friendly destinations in Myanmar/Burma.

Q: Is Myanmar safe for gay travellers..? A: yes it is safe as in November 2013 the popular opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, called on the government to decriminalise homosexuality and repeal the homophobic section 377 laws. Q: What are the famous place among gay travellers? A: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Mrauk u, Nagapali beach, and Inle Lake are the most famous places among gay travellers. Q: How is gay life in Myanmar…? A: It’s quite a homophobic country, there are different rules for tourists and for locals. Despite being a conservative country, one can find quite an active gay ‘scene’ in Yangon.

Q: Do they have an annual gay pride or festival…..? A: the first gay pride festival in Myanmar took place on 17th May 2012. The first unofficial Gay Marriage happened in Yangon in March 2014, they also have Myanmar’s first LGBT film festival in November 2014 and called it “&proud” with over 1500 attendees. And they have an annual religious festival near Mandalay during the full moon in August. The “Taung Byone Nat” attracts many transgender people. It's interesting because, given the anti-gay laws in the country, the transgender community is more well-accepted here compared to other countries in the West like the USA. It's a colourful festival to check out. Q: Do you think the laws will change soon to be more inclusive? A: Things are changing here very fast. But there are still many fundamental things the country is catching up on first, like education and health care. Also tourism industry is booming, and gay-friendly tour operators are coming up to promote Myanmar/Burma as safe LGBTQ travel destination. Q: Are there any gay bars or parties in Myanmar? A: Tuesday is the most popular night here with the gay community. There are some bars like O’thentic It's a French creperie on Yaw Mingyi Street, they also have a drag show on the 2nd and last Tuesday of each month. there is a monthly gay party event hosted by Gay Yangon at Freedom bar on Padonmar Street. There is also a club called the Ninth Floor, located in the Mingal Zei group of buildings, north of the old British colonial area and close to Kandawgyi Lake.

Q: Are there any gay-friendly hotels you recommend in Yangon?

A: There are some hotels in Yangon which are very gay friendly. We've often been using hotels like Accor Group, Chatrium for our Gay travellers and always got a great feedback.

Safety tips to LGBTQ travelers. 1) Always choose the upper category (4* onwards) or boutique hotels or some international chains, like Melia, Chatrium, Shangri-La, Accor Group of Hotels. Please keep in mind hotels are generally expensive in Myanmar due to a lack of competition and the tourism market is generally dominated by local players/hotels. But having said that, you will enjoy Burmese hospitality and their local cuisine. 2) Try to avoid public display of affection because it’s still culturally taboo for most peoples.

3) Confidence among Burmese men is most often a sign of friendship, not of homosexuality. 4) Dating apps, are good especially Grindr and Hornet to know the best way to find out about LGBT venues, nightlife, and events. Just beware of prostitution, which can lead to trouble for travelers. 5) Lesbian travelers, remember that the Burmese are extremely respectful of women. Any attention is likely to be out of curiosity because you're a foreigner, but it is not because of homosexuality. 6) Dress modestly covering knees and shoulders, especially when visiting temples. My suggestion will be to always carry an extra pair of socks (avoid white) as most temples/pagados do not allow shoes.

7) Always be ready/geared up for some extraordinary photo shots as traveling Myanmar is like traveling back in time.

Travel Advice, resources, and tours to Myanmar/Burma.

Myanmar is a welcoming destination with amazing gastronomy, culture, history, and worth choosing as a destination. The gay scene is limited as well as the resources, thus it is wise to consider LGBTQ friendly travel agency/tour operator for your travel needs to Myanmar/Burma.

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